Skoi Sirius
A solid molten rock floating through the Milky Way...

Bio: After Skoi Sirius (b. Shawn Lass) found himself in a warehouse barely standing (known as the Icehouse, outside Phoenix, AZ), an addiction to the love for electronic music began to take over his brain.  Dara was the headliner that evening, and this new world of complex drum patterns around 170bpm, drenched in thick basslines like he'd never heard before, created an explosion inside his brain.  Being a complete D&B head for years, while all the while developing a taste for the avant-experimental, the ear and palate opened further and a love for all things electronica set in.  The DJing began at a family gathering in the Washington desert in 2007, and from there Skoi has now found himself spinning everything from ambient to downtempo, and all the way up to the headiest dubstep he can find.  With a music collection as vast, rare, and imported as his knowledge of fine beers, the love for electronica has also taken new direction in the form of multiple production groups: Frequent The Tides (an experimental downbeat glitch project w/ Dojo ~ http://www.soundcloud.com/dojo ~) and Doors Wide Open (an ambient project w/ Seattle guitarist Ari Joshua Zucker). As the love and lust for the sounds of the beyond get deeper and deeper as time moves forward...stay tuned! I now spend my days traveling the globe when not sitting on top of mountains in Northern California...

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